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The policy would see an end to zero-hours contracts and fire and rehire practices.

Labour will restore hope, opportunity for all, and the truth of the saying ‘a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay’ 

Labour optimistic in ‘huge’ byelection in Rutherglen and Hamilton West


The deputy Labour leader told her party’s conference that the New Deal for Working People would not be watered down.


Policy would restrict bosses from contacting workers outside of hours by phone or email


New polling by Opinium for the Trades Union Congress has found strong support for the proposals in Labour’s New Deal for Working People, even among Conservative voters.


Working people are seeking urgent change after 13 years of Tory attacks on working people and the trade union movement.


Angela Rayner, Deputy leader of the Labour party, answers questions from Kate Bell, the TUC’s assistant general secretary.


Labour Party conference has today endorsed a motion calling for a raft of workers’ rights under the New Deal for Working People.