Reports have emerged in the Financial Times that the Government are secretly drawing up plans to rip up more of our workplace rights. Rights to rest breaks, holiday pay entitlements and limits to safe working hours are rumoured to be under threat.

Working people are putting themselves in harm’s way every day to keep this country fed, safe, cared for and connected – working under unimaginable pressures. With insecurity rife throughout much of our economy we believe working people should have their rights at work strengthened, not threatened.

The Government promised working people that protections at work would be safe in their hands. It turns out you really can’t trust the Tories with your workplace rights. Scrapping employment rights will lower living standards and hold back any economic recovery.

As unions we believe that rights at work should be strengthened, as a matter of urgency – and we will fight tooth and nail against any threats to the rights we already have. Are you with us?