Defend the right to strike. Sign the petition.


Instead of doing their job and getting to grips with the cost of living crisis and public services that are stretched to breaking point, the Tories are playing politics by attacking working people and the right to strike. 

We’re in the middle of a cost of living crisis. Everyone is seeing their incomes squeezed and their standard of living fall as prices soar. That’s why working people and their unions are standing up for proper pay rises. Nobody takes strike action lightly – only ever as a last resort. When the Government have refused to negotiate on pay, what other choice do workers have? 

Instead of coming to the negotiating table, the Conservatives are undermining  our right to strike, forcing key workers back to work under threat of being sacked. In two years, they’ve gone from clapping key workers to threatening to fire them for taking action for fair pay.  

That’s why Labour are opposing this Bill, and have promised to repeal it if it is passed. 

Defend the #righttostrike. Sign the petition, and join our campaign against this attack on our fundamental rights – and for a new deal for working people. 



Labour also will oppose and repeal any new anti-union laws brought in by this Government 👉: Find out more about Labour’s New Deal for Working People