The Labour Party was founded by trade unions over a hundred years ago, because unions believe that working people must represent themselves in Parliament. A century on, and Labour is the only Party that truly speaks for working people.

The Labour Party is unique – because the link with the trade union movement provides a direct link to thousands of workplaces across the country. Trade unions bring the collective voices of nearly 4 million working people to the heart of our Party.

By working politically, together with the Labour Party in government, trade unions have achieved real gains for working people:

  • 1948: foundation of the NHS
  • 1965: Race Relations Act
  • 1970: the Equal Pay Act
  • 1998: the introduction of the minimum wage, and guarantee of 4 weeks paid holiday
  • 2010: the Equality Act

When we work together, we are an unstoppable force for justice.

We face so many challenges – a hugely unequal society, poverty pay, insecure work, struggling public services, unaffordable housing and a radically and rapidly changing world of work. It is only by working together, through the collective power of trade unions and the Labour Party, that we can meet them.