You’ve signed our Election Bill petition and shared it across your social media networks. What else could you do to spread the word?

Writing a letter (thought nowadays it’s usually an email) to local or national newspapers is great ways to get our message out there across the country. It shows editors and journalists that there is a high public interest in the Election Bill campaign. Local newspapers, in particular, are often part of integrated media groups. So, you might live in a ‘small town’, but your letter could appear in several local newspapers across your region. 

Check your local paper’s letters page, or look on the website for details about how to send in your letter for publication. You can find more information about local papers across the UK here.

Top tips

  • Personalise your letter and explain why this matters to you. We’ve got a model letter to your paper below – but it’s always best to put things in your own words. You can find more information about the Bill on our blog page.
  • Make it local when you can – explain why this matters to working people in your area.
  • Keep it concise – 300 words at the most.
  • Finish with a call to action – ask the readers to do something.

Template letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

The Elections Bill will undermine democracy in communities like ours. It’s going to silence the voices of working people in [insert name of your town or area] and it will make it harder for many of our local residents to vote.

New rules, hidden in the Bill, will mean that many of our trade unions risk being silenced from campaigning independently in the run-up to a General Election. We hear so much from Parties and politicians at elections – how can it be right to freeze out the voices of working people during a General Election?

The Bill also gives sweeping new powers to the Government to interfere in the workings of the Electoral Commission – giving them the power to change the rules on campaigning at election time. This doesn’t pass the smell test. How can civil society organisations, charities and unions here in [insert name of town or area] take part in public life when they are scared of breaking the rules?

Finally, we see the Government bringing in voter ID – making it harder to vote. Since 2014 there have been just 3 convictions and 9 cautions for voter fraud – yet the Government’s own statistics show that 2 million people do not have the photo ID they’d need to vote. Every barrier put in the way of people voting drives down turnout – and undermines our democracy.

The Bill shames our proud democratic traditions, and I urge everyone to join the campaign to stop it.

Yours sincerely,

[Add Your Name]

If you get your letter published please drop us an email at, and we’ll share your story.