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Labour’s New Deal for Working People is a comprehensive plan to improve the lives of working people by strengthening individual and collective rights, drawn up in partnership with Labour’s affiliated unions.

Keir Starmer has promised that a Labour Government will write this plan into law within 100 days of taking office. Under Labour, work will be more secure and better-paid, and unions and individuals will have stronger rights to redress the power imbalance in the workplace. Working people need better rights, stronger unions and a Labour Government to win the new deal at work they deserve.


  • Raise the minimum wage so it’s a genuine living wage you can actually live on.
  • Strengthen sick pay and make it available to everyone.
  • More say at work so unions can raise pay and improve conditions.


  • Crack down on bad employers with tough enforcement of rights at work.
  • Ban zero hours contracts and fire and rehire.
  • Full employment rights from day one for all workers, including sick pay, parental leave and workplace protections.


  • Paid family and carers’ leave, review and improve maternity, paternity and shared parental leave.
  • Flexible working and family-friendly hours as a right from day one at work.
  • A new ‘right to switch off’ outside working hours so work stays at work.


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