Under the Tories, working people suffered more than decade of falling and flatlining pay, while prices in the shops and bills have soared. Everyone’s feeling the pressure in the cost of living crisis. The Tories have broken Britain, and we’re all paying the price.

Labour’s New Deal for Working People is a plan to MAKE WORK PAY, ensure SECURITY AT WORK, and help provide the WORK LIFE BALANCE everyone deserves.



Make work pay:

  • Raise the minimum wage so it’s a genuine living wage you can actually live on.
  • Strengthen sick pay and make it available to everyone.
  • More say at work so unions can raise pay and improve conditions.

Security at work:

  • Crack down on bad employers with tough enforcement of rights at work.
  • Ban zero hours contracts and fire and rehire.
  • Full employment rights from day one for all workers, including sick pay, parental leave and protection from unfair dismissal.

Work life balance:

  • Flexible working and family-friendly hours as a right from day one at work.
  • A contract that reflects the number of hours you regularly work, with compensation for cancelled shifts.
  • A ‘right to switch off’ outside working hours so work stays at work.

Labour’s New Deal for Working People Policy Summary:

A detailed summary of key policy pledges from Labour’s New Deal for Working People.


The Conservatives promised to level up rights at work, but instead they have
failed working people and ushered in a race to the bottom. Join the Campaign to Win a Labour Government and deliver the New Dew Deal for Working People👇