This Government have nothing to offer working people and their families. And now they’re picking a fight with unions and working people to distract from their broken promises and total inaction on the cost of living crisis.

Don’t let them get away with it. Join us to defend union rights, and to campaign for a New Deal for working people. Add your name now.



The Tories promised higher wages, levelling up and an Employment Bill to extend rights at work. But it’s all talk. Their Employment Bill is nowhere to be seen, wages are flatlining while prices hit the roof, and they aren’t lifting a finger to help struggling households.

To top it off, to distract from their woeful inaction and the chaos and crisis in Downing Street, they’re back in their comfort zone, briefing the press that they’re going to bring in new restrictions to make it harder for unions to take action to win better pay and working conditions. Same old Tories.

If the P&O scandal showed us anything, it’s that labour laws in the UK are not fit for purpose. Restrictive anti-trade union laws, most recently the Trade Union Act, have made it harder for unions to organise and stand up for their members. The right of unions to operate effectively in the workplace, in each sector of the economy, is vital for achieving fairness, dignity and democracy at work for all.

That’s why Labour’s New Deal for Working People is so important – it’s a comprehensive plan to improve the lives of working people by strengthening individual and collective rights – repealing anti-trade union laws, including the Trade Union Act, and introducing new rights to help unions bargain, recruit, organise and win a better deal for their members. Labour have promised they’ll write it into law within 100 days of being elected.


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