Help strengthen support for the New Deal for Working People – propose and pass our model motion in your CLP.


How to propose and pass our motion:

1. Download the motion, and edit the appropriate points to add the name of your CLP and your region / nation.

2. Read our guide to proposing a motion in your local Labour Party. How you propose it will depend on how your local Party is structured – but it’s all explained in the guide!

3. Submit the motion, and think about how you will win support for it.

4. Check out our briefing on the key issues when you are planning what you’ll say on it.

5. Once it’s been passed, email us on to let us know!

Click the graphic below to download an editable version of our model New Deal Motion or scroll down to read it in full.

Download the editable template motion


Model motion for CLPs in support of Labour’s New Deal for Working People

This CLP believes:

  1. The pandemic has bought into sharp focus the imbalance of power in the workplace that trade unions and the Labour Party have long sought to rectify. Wages have stagnated for over a decade, and work is becoming increasingly insecure.
  2. Since the Tories came to power 14 years ago, in-work poverty, low pay, and financial insecurity have become rampant. Incomes have stagnated and many workers have experienced real terms pay decline. In-work poverty has hit new highs, with one in six working households in poverty. Wages have suffered a decade of stagnation – the worst in over a century.
  3. Restrictive anti-trade union laws, most recently the Trade Union Act, have made it harder for unions to organise and stand up for their members. These restrictions mean workers are denied their fair share of the wealth they create, whilst a lack of collective representation has led to a race to the bottom. The right of unions to operate effectively in the workplace, in each sector of the economy, is vital for achieving fairness, dignity and democracy at work for all.
  4. Labour’s New Deal for Working People, launched by Angela Rayner at Conference 2021 and drawn up in partnership with Labour’s affiliated unions, is a comprehensive plan to improve the lives of working people by strengthening individual and collective rights – repealing anti-trade union laws, including the Trade Union Act, and introducing new rights to help unions bargain, recruit, organise and win a better deal for their members.
  5. It includes the following commitments:
  • Labour will strengthen rights at work for all workers, from day one on the job.
  • Labour will end fire and rehire.
  • Labour will make work more family-friendly, and make it easier to balance work with home, community and family life.
  • Labour will ban zero-hours contracts and ensure everyone has the right to regular hours they can rely on.
  • Labour will strengthen trade union rights, raising pay and conditions.
  • Labour will reverse the decades-long decline in collective bargaining, using Fair Pay Agreements to drive up pay and conditions.

     6. Keir Starmer has promised that a Labour Government will write this plan into law within 100 days of taking office.


This CLP further believes:

  1. Working people need better rights, stronger unions and a Labour Government to win the new deal at work they deserve.
  2. The direct link to working people, through affiliated trade unions, makes the Labour Party unique and gives us direct insight into the lives of the people we seek to represent.
  3. The link between the Party and the union movement should be strengthened – across the whole Party, and in XXX CLP [insert name of CLP].
  4. To win the support of the broad coalition of voters that Labour needs to unite in order to win, it is essential that Labour demonstrates it understands voters’ lives and can be trusted to improve them. That must include a major focus on work, and workplace issues, which unite working age voters in every part of the country. To win, Labour must have a clear agenda, developed jointly with the union movement, for a new deal for working people and their families – and clearly articulated to the public.
  5. Work, jobs and pay are issues that unite voters in every part of the country.
  6. Labour should articulate a broad and positive vision to transform the world of work, and must place this at the heart of its core narrative.
  7. The Tories’ Strikes Bill is an outrageous attack on the right to strike, designed to force key workers back to work under threat of being sacked. In two years, the Conservatives have gone from clapping key workers to threatening to fire them for taking action for fair pay.

This CLP resolves:

  1. To welcome and support the Green Paper on Employment Rights, and Keir Starmer’s pledge to enshrine it in law within the first 100 days of the next Labour government.
  2. To welcome Labour’s clear opposition to the Strikes Bill, and the Leadership’s promise to repeal it if it is passed.
  3. To call on the Party to make issues around work, jobs and pay a core part of their narrative and vision.
  4. To call on the Party to provide campaign materials and resources to enable CLPs to campaign on these issues in their community and with unions in local workplaces.
  5. To call on the [Insert Regional Labour Party] to help build the movement by running an annual digital trade union membership drive to encourage party members to join an affiliated trade union, pay the political levy, and support unions’ industrial campaigns in their region.
  6. To strengthen the link between our CLP and affiliated trade unions by:

i) Writing to the affiliated unions to ask them to affiliate their branches to the CLP.

ii) Ensuring that there is a standing item on the agenda for the General Meeting on trade union issues, to provide an opportunity to affiliates and/or the TULO Officer to provide an update on union campaigns.

iii) Developing a plan, through the CLP TULO Officer, to campaign jointly with unions on key shared priorities, including on the issues contained in the Green Paper on Employment Rights and on unions’ local industrial issues.

iv) Inviting, on a regular basis, a speaker from affiliated unions to address the General Meeting on their industrial priorities and key campaigns.

v) Promoting the New Deal for working people campaign to local Party members.


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