You can’t trust Boris Johnson and the Tories with our public services.

Only Labour will fix our public services, ensuring they are owned and run by the public, for the public.

Labour will fund our public services properly, giving the NHS the money it needs to look after us when we’re sick, and our schools the resources they need to give our children the best start in life.

Labour will:

  • Fund the NHS properly, increase funding for GP services, make safe staffing levels a legal requirement.
  • Reverse Tory cuts to schools, increase funding per pupil in real terms.
  • Invest £8bn to tackle the crisis in social care, introduce free personal care for all older people in England.
  • Renew Sure Start, end the cuts to youth services, and put more resources into providing school nurses and health visitors.
  • Fund real pay rises for the public sector workers who’ve suffered 9 years of pay austerity.


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